Cacade-Sierra Winter Tour 2019 

The snow is falling, winter is here and it's time to start talking about the River Dog Cascade-Sierra Winter Tour 2019! Trevor and I have been reaching out to Ski Resorts across the region and we have booked a couple gigs. Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Sierra @ Tahoe are both on the tour list and that means we are going to Tahoe in March. We would like to fill in the blanks on the way down and back up, so if you know any good venues - breweries, apres ski, wherever you think they might like a little River Dog duo jam-grass-rock excitement. I can't wait to take the show on the road for the River Dog Shakedown's first out-of-state tour. Thanks for the support, everyone! -Emily

The Shakedown Band, on the Up N Up, with videos from Stein 

We have been a busy band lately, buzzing around Leavenworth playing music for locals and visitors, young and old, big and small. The opportunities just keep building on each other, and most of the gigs we get come from people who see us at one performance and hire us for another. For example, Kyle saw us playing outside at the Bushel & Bee on a Tuesday night, and started booking us for Stein. 

Playing at Stein has been a fantastic experience so far. (The next performance there is Saturday Dec 7!) Is there a better stage in town at one of the regular live music venues? Can you think of one? Please respond in the comments, I really want to know! We are so used to standing in a corner to perform that I wasn't used to being elevated from the audience or having lights on me, but it is just what we needed! 

Have you been to Stein yet? This is where Bigfoot brings all the chickens he steals. In return I believe they give him beer, and agree not to take any photos of him that are in focus. The River Dog Shakedown has been coming into our own live in front of the awesome Stein crew and customers, who hear the music on Front Street and come in. Some of them dance, some of them request songs. Some of them love rock, some love country and don't know how to dance to the rock songs. In Leavenworth, WA we are right between the city folks and the rural folks, and we get all kinds of people that come together to experience the charm of this little town with Bavarian signage and more beer taps than year-round residents. 

Lucky for us Jen was in the audience and willing to take some videos of a few of the songs last Saturday. I'd say they are the best River Dog videos we have yet! Check them all out under the "Videos" tab on this site ( and on YouTube. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @riverdogshakedown and Facebook too! We'll see you out there! -Emily

LOGE (Westport, Wa) 11-3-2018 

Thanks to LOGE! The friendly crew at this company has always been great to us! They promote the outdoors and music. You can stay at their locations while on vacation. We highly recommend this business, check them out

This summer we played a few gigs at the LOGE Leavenworth location and they invited us out a few months ago to play at their Westport, Washington location for this past Saturday night. We were interested in this because we are always looking forward to getting out and traveling to new spots. Last night we set up in their cafe and played for staff, guests and some locals. We spent the night and stayed in their hostel which was super cozy. It was great to make some new friends and bring our music up over the mountains and all the way down to the beach. The Loge also has rental surf gear so we went out to the ocean to do that on the next morning. Then we checked out the town of Westport and ate some local seafood : "fish and chips" style captain's platter and an oyster shooter.

















New Recording Session 10/29/2018 

Hey there Shakedown Fans,

We had a blast last night doing some new recordings which you can hear on this website under the Music tab. Our good friend John Merriwether came over to the dog house and helped out with his guitar and fiddle playing, you can even hear him singing every now and then! Emily was all over the bass so make sure you listen on some good speakers or headphones so you can hear her nice bass work. Trevor was switching between banjo and his new telecaster electric guitar. These recordings were all first takes except for Quicksand. This shows how this group of musicians is seasoned from their live performance experience and ready for a live take. This session is the best example of what we're putting out there lately. Hope to see you out and about and thanks for checking up on us!


Farm to Table Fundraiser Dinner 


Wow! River Dog Shakedown had a fantastic meal the other night and I am still having culinary flashbacks about the berry dessert. We were lucky enough to be asked to perform at this event by the amazing people behind the Leavenworth Farmer's Market. The event was the annual Farm to Table fundraiser Dinner, which took place at the Roots, Produce, and Flower Farm (Pick your own blueberries!).

We brought our full band, including John Meriwether on fiddle and guitar, Mitch Wixom on drums, Trevor on banjo and guitar, and me (guitar and bass guitar). We played on this adorable gazebo/stage.

Not only was it a great meal, but an honor to be part of this fundraiser for the Leavenworth Farmer's Market, which is a weekly community event that brings together local farmers and families to celebrate food! I believe that eating local food and supporting local farmers is one of the most practical and rewarding steps that we (humans) can take toward a more sustainable lifestyle. "Think global act local." They have been hiring musicians every week this year, thanks to sponsorship from The Loft. This fundraiser dinner was awesome, thanks to everyone involved!

Big thanks to Claire Seaman and John Meriwether for making this happen for us!

-Emily Keenan (River Dog Emily)

Big thanks to Riverbooty  

After we float on the Wenatchee river (and the Tieton River in September), Trevor and I love to check out our pictures at Riverbooty's website. The Riverbooty people are almost always out there with a big sign "Riverbooty - We Shoot Everyone."  With some quick calculations, I would say I have been part of at least 5,000 rafting photos that they have taken. Not only that, but they are usually at the best rapids and they have watched me tackle some of the most challenging rafting situations e.g. video of my raft flipping at Snowblind, all kinds of kayaking carnage at Granny's. That's a lot of photos!

This week we were looking for a different type of photo. Trevor and I are revving up "River Dog Shakedown" and looking to book shows for Fall 2018 and for Winter early 2019. We needed some spiffy new photos to build our website. So we went to Riverbooty Mike, and that is how we got our fancy new pictures. I hope you enjoy!

I've been guiding rafts down the Wenatchee for 7 years! Some years I get to do it more than other years. Now that I have my own boat (a kayak) I don't do as much raft guiding commercially, but it was a really cool job and it is what landed me here in the heart of Washington state.

Also, some of the first music we ever played together as River Dog Shakedown happened at one of Mike and Cynthia's Friday night potlucks. So, it fits that we would head back 2+ years later for some photos.

Thanks for the photos! -River Dog Emily



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