The Shakedown Band, on the Up N Up, with videos from Stein

We have been a busy band lately, buzzing around Leavenworth playing music for locals and visitors, young and old, big and small. The opportunities just keep building on each other, and most of the gigs we get come from people who see us at one performance and hire us for another. For example, Kyle saw us playing outside at the Bushel & Bee on a Tuesday night, and started booking us for Stein. 

Playing at Stein has been a fantastic experience so far. (The next performance there is Saturday Dec 7!) Is there a better stage in town at one of the regular live music venues? Can you think of one? Please respond in the comments, I really want to know! We are so used to standing in a corner to perform that I wasn't used to being elevated from the audience or having lights on me, but it is just what we needed! 

Have you been to Stein yet? This is where Bigfoot brings all the chickens he steals. In return I believe they give him beer, and agree not to take any photos of him that are in focus. The River Dog Shakedown has been coming into our own live in front of the awesome Stein crew and customers, who hear the music on Front Street and come in. Some of them dance, some of them request songs. Some of them love rock, some love country and don't know how to dance to the rock songs. In Leavenworth, WA we are right between the city folks and the rural folks, and we get all kinds of people that come together to experience the charm of this little town with Bavarian signage and more beer taps than year-round residents. 

Lucky for us Jen was in the audience and willing to take some videos of a few of the songs last Saturday. I'd say they are the best River Dog videos we have yet! Check them all out under the "Videos" tab on this site ( and on YouTube. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @riverdogshakedown and Facebook too! We'll see you out there! -Emily

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