LOGE (Westport, Wa) 11-3-2018

Thanks to LOGE! The friendly crew at this company has always been great to us! They promote the outdoors and music. You can stay at their locations while on vacation. We highly recommend this business, check them out  https://www.logecamps.com/

This summer we played a few gigs at the LOGE Leavenworth location and they invited us out a few months ago to play at their Westport, Washington location for this past Saturday night. We were interested in this because we are always looking forward to getting out and traveling to new spots. Last night we set up in their cafe and played for staff, guests and some locals. We spent the night and stayed in their hostel which was super cozy. It was great to make some new friends and bring our music up over the mountains and all the way down to the beach. The Loge also has rental surf gear so we went out to the ocean to do that on the next morning. Then we checked out the town of Westport and ate some local seafood : "fish and chips" style captain's platter and an oyster shooter.

















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