Gig Tour! Dogs on the Road

What a spectacular trip! We went through 4 states, past volcanoes and mountain ranges, over the high desert, through the winter storms, and made it to our gigs on time. The people we met were amazing, and the ski resorts were fantastic.

March 2 Squaw Valley, CA: The rain washed out our plans to play on an outdoor stage and brought us inside to the coffee bar, where most of the people wanted to be anyway. Squaw is a beautiful resort and I would be thrilled to go there on vacation sometime. The staff was super friendly and they all jived with our mountain music.


March 3 Sierra at Tahoe, CA: We hit up this upbeat locals spot during the Subaru event. Again the rain had them move us inside, into the main bar area with a good stage and P.A. It was packed! There were lots of fun kids dancing, good vibes all around, and we felt right at home (even though this is the farthest I'd been from home in quite a while).

Samson, our mascot, was a trooper the whole time. He is a morale-boosting machine, a hilarious ball of personality, and an amazing critter. I think we'll keep him!

I can't believe it's over and we're back home. We have had some time to think about the future of our band, what we need to work on to take the next steps, and what we want to focus on going forward. It felt pretty cool to roll up from out of town and play successful gigs and it makes us want to plan more trips in the future. I will admit, it was really nice to get back to home sweet home.

-River Dog Emily

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