Farm to Table Fundraiser Dinner


Wow! River Dog Shakedown had a fantastic meal the other night and I am still having culinary flashbacks about the berry dessert. We were lucky enough to be asked to perform at this event by the amazing people behind the Leavenworth Farmer's Market. The event was the annual Farm to Table fundraiser Dinner, which took place at the Roots, Produce, and Flower Farm (Pick your own blueberries!).

We brought our full band, including John Meriwether on fiddle and guitar, Mitch Wixom on drums, Trevor on banjo and guitar, and me (guitar and bass guitar). We played on this adorable gazebo/stage.

Not only was it a great meal, but an honor to be part of this fundraiser for the Leavenworth Farmer's Market, which is a weekly community event that brings together local farmers and families to celebrate food! I believe that eating local food and supporting local farmers is one of the most practical and rewarding steps that we (humans) can take toward a more sustainable lifestyle. "Think global act local." They have been hiring musicians every week this year, thanks to sponsorship from The Loft. This fundraiser dinner was awesome, thanks to everyone involved!

Big thanks to Claire Seaman and John Meriwether for making this happen for us!

-Emily Keenan (River Dog Emily)

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