Big thanks to Riverbooty

After we float on the Wenatchee river (and the Tieton River in September), Trevor and I love to check out our pictures at Riverbooty's website. The Riverbooty people are almost always out there with a big sign "Riverbooty - We Shoot Everyone."  With some quick calculations, I would say I have been part of at least 5,000 rafting photos that they have taken. Not only that, but they are usually at the best rapids and they have watched me tackle some of the most challenging rafting situations e.g. video of my raft flipping at Snowblind, all kinds of kayaking carnage at Granny's. That's a lot of photos!

This week we were looking for a different type of photo. Trevor and I are revving up "River Dog Shakedown" and looking to book shows for Fall 2018 and for Winter early 2019. We needed some spiffy new photos to build our website. So we went to Riverbooty Mike, and that is how we got our fancy new pictures. I hope you enjoy!

I've been guiding rafts down the Wenatchee for 7 years! Some years I get to do it more than other years. Now that I have my own boat (a kayak) I don't do as much raft guiding commercially, but it was a really cool job and it is what landed me here in the heart of Washington state.

Also, some of the first music we ever played together as River Dog Shakedown happened at one of Mike and Cynthia's Friday night potlucks. So, it fits that we would head back 2+ years later for some photos.

Thanks for the photos! -River Dog Emily


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