River Dog Shakedown 4-piece band

We are gearing up for summer and preparing lots of exciting music with our 4-piece band. We have Trevor Wire on electric guitar, Emily Keenan on bass guitar, John Meriwether on fiddle/guitar, and Owen Wickenheiser on drums. We have been…

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Gig Tour! Dogs on the Road

What a spectacular trip! We went through 4 states, past volcanoes and mountain ranges, over the high desert, through the winter storms, and made it to our gigs on time. The people we met were amazing, and the ski resorts…

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River Dog Shakedown's First Traveling Tour

What's up River Dog fans! We are SO excited about our out-of-town gigs coming up. We are road tripping from Leavenworth, WA through Bend, OR and to Tahoe, CA! We are skiing and truck camping along the way, RUFF-ing it…

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Cacade-Sierra Winter Tour 2019

The snow is falling, winter is here and it's time to start talking about the River Dog Cascade-Sierra Winter Tour 2019! Trevor and I have been reaching out to Ski Resorts across the region and we have booked a couple…

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LOGE (Westport, Wa) 11-3-2018

Thanks to LOGE! The friendly crew at this company has always been great to us! They promote outdoor adventures and music, and you can stay at their hostel-style accommodations, camp, or rent rooms. We highly recommend this business, check them…

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New Recording Session 10/29/2018

Hey there Shakedown Fans,

We had a blast last night doing some new recordings which you can hear on this website under the Music tab. Our good friend John Merriwether came over to the dog house and helped…

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Farm to Table Fundraiser Dinner


Wow! River Dog Shakedown had a fantastic meal the other night and I am still having culinary flashbacks about the berry dessert. We were lucky enough to be asked to perform at this event by the amazing people…

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